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How Can Gold Hill Digital Help Your Business?

  • We can build you a fast fully optimized website. This site will be secure so you’ll never have to worry about down time.
  •  You will have full control of the site we create for you. You can dictate when updates should take place.
  • We will take care of all aspects of optimization. This in turn will allow you to show up at the top of the google searches giving you the upper hand over your competitors.
  • We create custom landing pages and lead generation sites that are solely focused on serving your small business. These live lead generation websites are targeted to inform your customers of your services in the most high quality fashion possible. These sites produce results.
  • We’ll examine your specific needs for you business and also how competitive your market is. With this, we will offer a tailored solution with insight that goes past just having a website.
  • We can produce fresh content for your blog or social media pages that are optimized for conversion
  • With ads that are geared towards social media platforms and Google. You can meet your customers from multiple angles.
  • Most importantly we deliver value for your business and it’s customers. An example would be the contact forms and call tracking software we use for instantaneous response to sales inquires or quote requests.
We are continually analyzing and working to see what is working for you and what isn’t. We show you results so you can continue to make informed decisions as you increase revenue and grow your business.

We're are a team of online digital marketers located near Denver Colorado, United States.

We are proud to serve professionals and small business owners.

Our expertise is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to assist your site rank to the top of google. This brings more business to your business.

So you finally started your dream business and now your looking to go to the next level. All Aboard! Technology has dramatically changed our lives and is rapidly changing how we interact with the world. Its more important now than ever to have an online presence. Most recently, the covid pandemic has affected many businesses across the country. What did this reveal? The most prepared had the ability to ride out the storm. If your business had a place to exist outside of a store front, then you were one of the lucky ones.

Having just a website is not enough – as with any brick and morter – people only know about your store front if they are made aware of it. The same applies to your virtual property; in other words, your website. As with any storefront you want more than just referrals and word of mouth driving your business.

Your presence needs to be impactful and memorable. This way, your potential customers can meet you at the place they are looking for you. This could be in the form of the services you offer – on search engines, social media platforms, etc.

A staggering 97% of consumers go online to learn about new or existing local businesses

At Gold Hill Digital we can help you expand your consumer base. We do this by connecting you with people who are seeking YOUR exact services. We produce tangible online results. 

If your in need of a website and perhaps found us by searching for  things like “best website” or  “website designer near me” – you’ve landed in the right spot. We construct websites for your business and then begin working on ranking it in google and other search engines. This way, ideally your site will begin to show up when people search for your services in your city. From our experience and having generated over hundreds of leads for small business’s, this is the best thing you can do for your business right now. 

This process is known as search engine optimization – (SEO)

Lets say you already have a website and its been around for awhile but its not ranking. We can rehab your website and bring it from page 5 to page 1 spot #1. We can also confirm whether your site is mobile optimized. Todays visitors are over 80% mobile users. We can do a free audit on your site and give you tips on how you can make your site better optimized. From here we can implement these changes for a better user experience and ranking. If this brings you more leads than you can grow your business.

Do you seek a marketing company that can your help local business run google ads? We can plan and strategize to run google ads and implement PPC -Pay-Per-Click browser ads. We also can couple this with social media like targeted ads, facebook ads, instagram and other content marketing strategies.

In the event that you need regular or reoccurring posts to your social media platforms, Google My Business or well written blog article content, we can provide this too, optimized to convert visitors into customers.

Maybe you’d like these kinds of accounts but haven’t had the practical knowledge to implement them. We can audit your accounts and give you practical feedback that will deliver your results for you and YOUR customers.

We specialize in online and mobile marketing. Technology is ever changing which is why we keep up to date on every aspect of digital marketing. We make it our job to worry about the rising trends so you can serve customers and grow your business. Everyone has a budget and we are mindful of keeping costs down and getting you most most effective results for your price.

We'll develop a strategy that meets the needs of your business goals. From here, you can implement a plan of attack.


We can discuss your needs with competitive strategies. These strategies will have purpose and fit your goals. Upon this first iteration, we’ll create a website thats visually pleasing along with other digital properties customized to fit your business branding and value proposition. This website will be especially optimized and designed to rank in google. This means we are putting you in front of the people looking for you. We’ll bring engagement, from here meeting your customers, potential clients anywhere they are online. The result is more leads generated to the services you offer.


We will update and consistently manage your website, social media, delivering you fresh and exciting content. We can also offer online marketing campaigns on both types of platforms. Search Engines, social media, targeted email. The calls will be tracked and recorded in our proprietary call tracking software that can deliver data to you every month. We highly recommend follow ups with your customers. We can manage this in the form of reputation management outreach. When you get good reviews, google takes notice! We utilize social media management instruments to increase awareness, positive reviews, feedback, posts; disputes are addressed and made corrected.


If you don’t measure results, you cant truly manage. We do all the heavy lifting when it comes to tracking. We assess lead campaigns so we can see what is working and what is not. This way you can focus on every other aspect of your business. We deliver you RESULTS in the shape of measurable ROI. Your the most important piece in the strategies we produce and deliver. These work in conjunction with your goals.

Our Services Make A Big Impact

Gold Hill Digital is based out of beautiful Denver Colorado.